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A cosmopolitan man from Venice, a painter very fond of the East. Luigi Ballarin discloses with his painting places and surroundings full of brightness, with intense and unforgettable colours and atmospheres, ancient traditions remaining unchanged. Where does he lead us? To the immense spaces and the incontestable fascination of the Arabian world. The subjects of his paintings - women wrapped up in burkas, the concentrated expression of religious people, the vivacity of souks – represent the vastness of such a culture which is far for us, but which is made closer by the painter through the view of his soul, giving the shape of his own truth. The Arabian scenery created by Luigi Ballarin rise through a sudden shining, which - through rarefied colours and subtle shape concordances – transforms the smooth flowing of a pose into a suggestive painting expression. It almost seems that the shapes become intoxicated by the energy of colours.

The painter sees, discovers, transforms the alienated and silent views of the surrounding, which remain into his memory; then he follows the instinct of synthesis, of simplification and of creative fantasy, and he outlines the most incisive contour lines, so to search a final total fusion with a fascinating and mysterious world.The shades chosen among blue, red and yellow lie on the figures, on the shapes, on the surroundings, with sharp areas giving to the images a sense of immediate and spontaneous.
In Luigi Ballarin’s art everything concretizes in a rhythmical language, which leads to a travel into the charm of transfiguration, so to reach what awakes the spiritual impulses of man’s heart. The glance observes the inside, catching the most precious senses, and the result is the expected one. Man and ambient, the values of a culture, the memory of the made experiences offer the meaning which, without any banalities, impresses a deep mark of poetical tendency on the audience.
Between vision and reality, between fleetingness and memory, with his touches Luigi Ballarin collects sensations and rhythms of a civility deeply experienced, which gets an ecstatic vision through painting.

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