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“Il mondo s'addormenta in una calda luce di giacinto e d'oro” , “the world falls asleep surrounded by a warm light of hyacinth and gold”. These are the words of a famous song by Fanco Battiato and this is the way Luigi Ballarin describes on his canvas a certain world, which we all think to know, but which we really know just through mass media; or rather, we really know just what the media showed us: Islam and Middle East.
This reality, which the artist loves and esteems so much, is shown through his works by a constant mantra. Little does he bear socio-political ideals, but he just confines himself to drive us along a travel, where he invites us with descriptions of colours and costumes resulting from a very long process of assembling of memories and sensations, touching his existence.
The sceneries change and the subjects, often figurative, take shape through effective signs of spatula with colours, which are real heaps of oil paste, suggesting the corporality of subjects.
In other paintings, Luigi Ballarin remains light and impalpable, with touches of powder falling with the shape of Turkish slippers: this brings us to the idea of what we can see and proposes us the synthesis of everything, so that we ourselves have the faculty of interpretation and of self-identification.
In both cases, such works of great impact teach us to observe without prejudice that a dance of colours can enter our soul.

                                                            Giacomo Momo Gallina

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